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The Kivu Belt Region in Western Rwanda is a place of tropical montane rainforests nestled between tea and coffee plantations next to Lake Kivu, Rwanda’s largest lake. The Kivu Belt region stretches between Rusizi and Rubavu, each at the end Lake Kivu.

Even though Rwanda is a landlocked country without a coast on its own. This does not mean that Rwanda lacks coastal resorts, beaches and islands to explore. Instead of heading towards the coast, many Rwandans head to the shores of Lake Kivu and the Kivu Belt to cool down in the hot dry season. Lake Kivu is one of the Great Lakes of Africa, dotted with islands, beaches and chilled lakeside resorts.

Locals and tourists come to the shores of Lake Kivu in the Kivu Belt to relax, swim and to enjoy the lake. Even though there are many resorts and experiences that hold international standard, the Kivu Belt and Lake Kivu remains an untouched gem, still unspoiled by the reaches of mass tourism and international tourist operators. Lake Kivu still hold many unspoiled beaches, islands, towns and hidden gems waiting to be explored.


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